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Skunk Spray

Skunk Spray

Skunks have a very defensive system that everyone has smelled. It is a spray that is thick, yellow, oily, and very smelly. The spray is an organic compound that is called mercaptan which is why it is such a strong smelling odor. Skunks store the "spray" until they feel threatened and then release the spray. Skunks are able to spray over 10 feet away and primarily the face of pets is the target of the spray. The spray can cause irritation in the eyes and it recommended to rinse your pet's eyes with cool water to help alleviate the irritation. When pets have been sprayed by a skunk, we highly recommend Skunks Etc

Skunks Etc is sulfate and detergent free that permanently removes tough odors on pets and in the home and car. The concentrated all natural formula is specifically formulated to remove and eliminate all strong odors- not just skunk odor!. Made with biodegradable natural ingredients, Skunks Etc is also effective on horses and other large animals. 

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Skunk Spray

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