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Water Discoloration

Water Discoloration

Water discoloration may be caused from the following:


Metals can be introduced into the pool water by source water, equipment, and some copper based algaecides. 
Source water: Well water is usually high with mineral content (iron & copper) and municipality water can have up to 1.3ppm of metals that are allowed by EPA standards.

Equipment: Over time if water chemistry hasn't been properly balanced (mainly pH and alkalinity) metals can leach into the water from heaters, pumps, and other metal accessories. 

Algaecides: copper algaecides are chelated to help prevent the copper from coming out of solution. Over time, however, chlorine can breakdown the chelation allowing the copper to be oxidized and brought out of solution.

If water discoloration is caused from metals, using Natural Chemistry's Stainfree or Stainfree Extra Strength and METALfree combination will put the metals back into solution and keep them in solution to prevent water discoloration from reoccurring. 

Stainfree is a less expensive alternative to ascorbic acid. This formula is 100% citric acid which is an all natural way to eliminate stains.
Stainfree Extra Strength is 100% ascorbic acid- premium stain fighter! Stainfree Extra Strength is the industry's leading ion-exchange stain remover. It's an all natural way to eliminate stains and is compatible with all sanitizing systems.

METALfree is a phosphate free formula that changes the physical characteristics of the metals so they repel one another to prevent staining and discoloration of the water. This formula is compatible with all sanitizing systems 


Algae is another common issue in pools that causes water discoloration. There are 3 main types of algae commonly seen in pools. They are: Green Algae, Yellow Algae, and Black Algae.

  • Green algae is the most common algae seen in pools. Green algae can be "free floating" which can make the water a cloudy green. Green algae can also appear on surfaces, primarily on rough areas and where there is poor circulation. 
  • Yellow Algae (also called mustard algae) is usually found in "shady areas" of the pool. 
  • Black Algae is one of the most difficult algaes to kill. Black algae has very strong roots and a protective layer of "gel-like" substance that makes it difficult to kill.
To kill algae, your local pool store will direct you on the proper products needed for the type of algae. Once all of the algae is dead and the sanitizer level is below 5ppm, test the phosphate level. Once the phosphate reading is complete Natural Chemistry's PHOSfree products will remove the phosphates. Depending on the phosphate levels, we suggest the following products: PHOSfree, PHOSfree Commercial Strength and Pool Perfect+PHOSfree

If phosphates are 900ppb or below, treat pool with PHOSfree:

PHOSfree is formulated from lanthanum (rare earth) compounds. When added to your skimmer, a thin coating of PHOSfree forms on the filter media. As pool water flows through the filter, phosphates are reduced to a very low level. All other phosphate products will cloud the pool water! Natural Chemistry's complete phosphate program results in clear perfect water, no waterline rings, reduced organic contamination, and no phosphates.

If phosphates are over 1000ppb use PHOSfree Commercial Strength:

PHOSfree Commercial Strength quickly reduces extremely high phosphate levels. It is the strongest phosphate remover available.

When phosphates are under 100ppb treat pool with Pool Perfect+PHOSfree weekly

Pool Perfect+PHOSfree regularly maintains near zero phosphate and organic waste levels. It is a weekly maintenance product that is added directly to the skimmer and does not cloud pool water. Pool Perfect+PHOSfree gives clear, perfect water while preventing waterline rings, chemical odors, and phosphate build-up. 

Once algae is treated, we suggest using Pool First Aid to help remove the smaller particles that cannot be caught in the filter. Pool First Aid combines a powerful broad spectrum natural enzyme formula with our organic clarifier to help clean up dead algae, pollen, oil/fuel leaks, spills, anti-freeze residue, paint, vandalism and other forms of organic waste contamination. 

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Water Discoloration

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