Pool & Spa

High Filter Pressure

An important part to any swimming pool is the filtration system. As hard as we try it is almost unavoidable to have dirt and debris enter the pool water. To help keep water sparkling and clean, the filter needs to be cared for and maintained on a regular basis. High filter pressure is when your pool’s start- up pressure reading (which differs for each and every pool and should ideally have been market by the pool builder) reaches 10lbs above start-up. When you see that the pressure level has risen to this point, it is important to backwash or clean the filter. High filter pressure is usually the result of heavy non-living organic loading from contaminants such as: sunscreen, lotion, hair products and more. If the filter needs to be cleaned, Natural Chemistry’s naturally based Filter Perfect will remove the buildup on the filter without the need for harsh acids. Always keep an eye on your filter pressure gauge to ensure that it is functioning properly. A pool can never reach its maximum potential for water clarity until the filter is operating properly. A key factor in ensuring proper filtration is an operational filter gauge. To help prevent high non-living organics from overloading in filters, see Natural Chemistry’s line of naturally based enzyme products. Prevent problems before they begin, Natural Chemistry has you covered.

Spa Perfect

Spa Perfect's SMARTZyme technology and botanical extract formula powerfully, yet gently, biodegrades unwanted non-living organic contaminants such as: · sweat ·urine ·body oils ·cosmetics ·suntan lotions ·hair products and so much more! No more waterline rings, dogged filters or cloudy, unpleasant smelling water. Spa Perfect also works as a continuous cartridge filter cleaner.

Filter Perfect

Filter Perfect is a highly concentrated deep cleaning solution that removes buildup on filters caused by: oils, grease, non-living organics, and more. Filter Perfect improves filter efficiency and lengthens cycles between filter cleaning. Filter Perfect is compatible with all sanitizing systems.

Salt Water Magic Liquid

Natural Chemistry's Salt Water Magic Liquid contains SMARTZyme & PHOSfree technologies formulated specifically for pools with chlorine generators. Adding Salt Water Magic Liquid at system start up and throughout the season ensures a perfect pool program for salt water pools.

Pool Perfect

This concentrated naturally based SMARTZymes technology breaks down suntan oils, cosmetics, body oils and other non-living organic contaminant waste in pool water. Pool Perfect reduces black waterline rings. Just add to the water- minimizes the need for scrubbing! Saves time and labor, keeping pools clean and water sparkling. Pool Perfect also acts as a continuous filter cleaner. It eliminates oils and other non-living organics that clog filters and reduce efficiency. Save time and money on filter maintenance.

Pool Magic Spring & Fall

Pool Magic Spring & Fall uses SMARTZyme technology that is designed specifically to work in cold water. Enzymes control non-living organic contamination in pool water during off season to minimize the work when opening the pool.