PRO SERIES / Commercial

Automatic Dosage Dispenser

Peristaltic self priming pump

Natural Chemistry's Automatic Dosage Dispenser has been engineered to handle liquid dispensing applications simply and cost effectively. By adding small amounts of enzymes, PHOSfree or any other liquid product, many times throughout the day, you ensure optimum product performance. Easily programmable cycles can be programmed to feed from 1 second per week up to 20 minutes, 24 times a day and 7 days a week.

Automatic Dosage Dispenser Image
  • 100rpm, 2.5oz per min at 30/74 milliliters
  • 115 VAC 50/60Hz
  • 30 psi/2.07 bar nominal
  • 9 GPD/ 34 LPD
  • Able to program up to 24 events per day
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Product Experience
  • PRO SERIES® Pro Blend™

    • SMARTZyme™ technology breaks down non-living filter clogging grime and grunge
    • Continually removes phosphates
    • Reduces overall pool maintenance

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  • PRO SERIES® Natural Clarifier™

    • Easy to use natural clarifier
    • Clears cloudy water quickly
    • Cannot be overdosed
    • Can be used at the same time as shock

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    • Reduces high phosphate levels with limited turbidity
    • Can be used as a maintenance product to keep phosphate levels near zero

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  • PRO SERIES® Liquid Cover™

    • Liquid solar blanket
    • Reduces evaporation and heat loss in pools
    • Reduces frequency of water adjustments due to reductions in water loss

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  • PRO SERIES® Stain & Scale Control™

    • Protects pool finishes and equipment from the damaging effects of metal staining and/or scale
    • Does NOT add phosphates like most other stain and scale products
    • Great for new plaster start-ups
    • Helps preserve salt generator cells from potential damage caused by scale buildup

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  • Stainfree™ Extra Strength Commercial

    • 100% ascorbic acid- premium stain fighter
    • Safely removes metal stains from pool liners and finishes
    • Quickly removes stubborn stains
    • Compatible with all sanitizing systems

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  • PRO SERIES® ProZymes® Pool

    • Uses SMARTZyme™ technology to reduce non-living organic contamination
    • Allows for increased filter cycles
    • Prevents waterline ring

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  • PRO SERIES® Filter Cleaner™

    • Naturally based filter cleaner, cleans without acid!
    • Highly concentrated deep cleaning solution that uses SMARTZymes™ technology to removes oils, grease, non-living organics waste and more
    • Effective on all filter types

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  • PRO SERIES® ProZymes® Spa

    • Uses SMARTZyme™ technology to reduce and help prevent scrubbing of waterline
    • Increases filter cycles
    • Superior water quality with less work

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  • PRO SERIES® Pipe Purge™

    • Cleans pool and spa plumbing of built up non-living organic waste using SMARTZyme™ technology
    • Removes the cause of many pool and spa water quality issues
    • Cleans where you can’t!

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  • Clean & Perfect™ Commercial

    • Unique blend of SMARTZyme™ technology and surfactants make it the perfect indoor and outdoor cleaner
    • When used on the pool's tile line, reduces scrubbing and brushing
    • Great all-purpose cleaner that can be used on most surfaces including patio furniture, spa covers and surfaces, grills, and so much more

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