PRO SERIES® Filter Cleaner

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PRO SERIES Filter Cleaner is a highly concentrated deep cleaning solution that removes buildup caused by: oils, grease, non-living organics and more on filters. It is very effective on cartridge elements, D.E. filter grids, sand filters and regenerative media filters. PRO SERIES Filter Cleaner improves filter efficiency and lengthens cycles between filter cleaning. PRO SERIES Filter Cleaner is compatible with chlorine, bromine and alternative sanitizing systems. Cleans without acid!

  • Naturally based filter cleaner, cleans without acid!
  • Highly concentrated deep cleaning solution that uses SMARTZymes™ technology to removes oils, grease, non-living organics waste and more
  • Effective on all filter types


Directions for use:

Directions for Cartridge Elements or Diatomaceous Earth filter grids:

  1. Remove cartridge elements or D.E. grids from filter tank and hose off loose material.
  2. Fill a pail, bucket or trash container with enough water to cover cartridges or grids.
  3. Add ½ gallon per 5 gallons of water. If grids cannot be removed fill tank with water and add product to tank.
  4. Place cartridge elements or D.E. grids in solution and soak for a minimum of 6 hours, preferably overnight.
  5. Remove from solution and rinse thoroughly.

Directions for Sand filters:

  1. Have pump running and filter in backwash mode. Suction should come primarily from skimmer, not main drain.
  2. Add 1 gallon to skimmer or surge tank.
  3. Once contents of container has entered the filter, turn pump off and put valve in either close or filter position, for a minimum of 6 hours.
  4. Turn pump on with filter set to backwash, run until water flows clear.
  5. Do not allow pump to run dry. Return filter to normal operation.

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Instead of getting technical and trying to teach a science class explaining how enzymes work we will try to break it down more simply. Enzymes break non-living things down to smaller and smaller bits. Many non-living things are in pool and spa water; body oils, sweat, cosmetics and sunscreens to name a few.
SMARTZymes contain thousands of enzymes with the potential to break down thousands of different non-living waste products in your water.

Natural Chemistry pioneered the use of phosphate removal technology long before it was popular. High phosphate levels in pool water can create many water issues. Most people today are aware of the efforts by government agencies to limit the use of phosphates in common household products due to their effect on water. Natural Chemistry has a variety of phosphate removal products that have been proven to make water care easier.

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