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Problem: Swimming pools lose energy in a variety of ways, but evaporation is by far the largest source of energy loss. Evaporating water requires a tremendous amount of energy. It only takes 1 BTU (British Thermal Unit) to raise 1lb of water 1°F, but each pound of 80°F water that evaporates takes a whopping 1,048 BTU of heat out of the pool.*

(1 gallon = 8.33 pounds). Therefore, for every gallon of 80°F pool water that is lost due to evaporation we lose 8,729 BTU of energy.

Solution: PRO SERIES Liquid Cover’s advanced mono-layer technology offers users the ability to save water and money by dramatically decreasing evaporation and heat loss.

  • Liquid solar blanket
  • Reduces evaporation and heat loss in pools
  • Reduces frequency of water adjustments due to reductions in water loss


Directions for use:

Weekly add 120mL per 62.7m² (675 sq. ft.) of surface area, assuming an average pool depth of 1.22m (4 feet) (75,700 litres) or more.

For gutter system pools or pools with high splash out or drag out: dose 2 times per week.

Important: Circulation system must be running during application.

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Thank you for the help and advice, The Ventura Aquatic Center's Activity pool has always been a concern of ours for energy efficiency. Our zero entry to 1.5 foot depth Activity pool sports a play structure and multiple water features. As it is a shallow body of water, there is quite a bit of heat loss. We have looked into the traditional energy saving pool covers, but have always had issues with total coverage, and hang ups due to the play feature's layout. We recently tried Coverfree (Liquid Cover). Based on a fifteen day cycle before and after use, our heater run time has been reduced close to 20 %.Wayne Hatch (Aquatic Facility Operator) City of Ventura

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