Professional strength phosphate remover

Reducing phosphate levels in swimming pools is easy with Natural Chemistry’s PRO SERIES phosREMOVE. This product is a lanthanum based formulation. PRO SERIES phosREMOVE effectively and efficiently removes phosphates and reduces pool problems!

  • Reduces high phosphate levels with limited turbidity
  • Can be used as a maintenance product to keep phosphate levels near zero


Directions for use:

  1. Backwash Filter and maintain proper chemical levels.
  2. With the circulation system operating, slowly add product directly to pool, skimmer, gutter or surge tank.
  3. Vacuum if required
  4. Backwash filter as necessary (or within 48 hours)

Note: Apply in accordance with your state and local pool regulations. Removing high phosphate levels may temporarily cause pool water cloudiness/turbidity. For high phosphate removal it is recommended to divide the initial dose into at least three separate applications to reduce the possibility of turbid or cloudy water.


Dosage Chart:

Phosphate reduction varies based on phosphate concentrations. Recommendations are for estimation purposes only. Based on lab test, results may vary.

3,700120mL237mL591mL1.2L2.4L 3.5L
5,100237mL473mL1.2L2.4L4.7L 7.1L
7,800473mL946mL2.4L4.7L9.5L 14.2L
10,000946mL1.9L4.7L9.5L19L 28.4L
12,0001.4L2.8L7L14.2L28.4L 42.6L

Maintenance Dose:

Weekly add 30mL of PRO SERIES phosREMOVE per 22,700 litres of pool water.

Important: Algae must be treated prior to testing or treating phosphates. Chlorine must be under 5ppm before testing phosphates.

NOTE: For use in swimming pools only.

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Instead of getting technical and trying to teach a science class explaining how enzymes work we will try to break it down more simply. Enzymes break non-living things down to smaller and smaller bits. Many non-living things are in pool and spa water; body oils, sweat, cosmetics and sunscreens to name a few.
SMARTZymes contain thousands of enzymes with the potential to break down thousands of different non-living waste products in your water.

Natural Chemistry pioneered the use of phosphate removal technology long before it was popular. High phosphate levels in pool water can create many water issues. Most people today are aware of the efforts by government agencies to limit the use of phosphates in common household products due to their effect on water. Natural Chemistry has a variety of phosphate removal products that have been proven to make water care easier.

Please share your experience with us and the rest of the world.

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