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PRO SERIES ProZymes Pool reduces the buildup of non-living organic contamination. Sunscreens, body oils, lotions, cosmetics along with other contaminants make up the non-living organic load that contribute to problematic symptoms such as: waterline rings, short cycling filters, unpleasant odors, poor water clarity and peak load cloudiness. This concentrated naturally based enzyme formula works with all sanitizing systems.

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  • Uses SMARTZyme™ technology to reduce non-living organic contamination
  • Allows for increased filter cycles
  • Prevents waterline ring
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  • PRO SERIES® Pro Blend™

    • SMARTZyme™ technology breaks down non-living filter clogging grime and grunge
    • Continually removes phosphates
    • Reduces overall pool maintenance

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  • PRO SERIES® Natural Clarifier™

    • Easy to use natural clarifier
    • Clears cloudy water quickly
    • Cannot be overdosed
    • Can be used at the same time as shock

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  • Automatic Dosage Dispenser

    • 100rpm, 2.5oz per min at 30/74 milliliters
    • 115 VAC 50/60Hz
    • 30 psi/2.07 bar nominal
    • 9 GPD/ 34 LPD
    • Able to program up to 24 events per day

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  • PRO SERIES® Filter Cleaner™

    • Naturally based filter cleaner, cleans without acid!
    • Highly concentrated deep cleaning solution that uses SMARTZymes™ technology to removes oils, grease, non-living organics waste and more
    • Effective on all filter types

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  • PRO SERIES® ProZymes® Spa

    • Uses SMARTZyme™ technology to reduce and help prevent scrubbing of waterline
    • Increases filter cycles
    • Superior water quality with less work

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  • PRO SERIES® Pipe Purge™

    • Cleans pool and spa plumbing of built up non-living organic waste using SMARTZyme™ technology
    • Removes the cause of many pool and spa water quality issues
    • Cleans where you can’t!

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  • Clean & Perfect™ Commercial

    • Unique blend of SMARTZyme™ technology and surfactants make it the perfect indoor and outdoor cleaner
    • When used on the pool's tile line, reduces scrubbing and brushing
    • Great all-purpose cleaner that can be used on most surfaces including patio furniture, spa covers and surfaces, grills, and so much more

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PRO SERIES® ProZymes® Pool Instructions

Directions for use:

This product is designed for use in properly balanced pool water.

Initial Start-Up: In addition to the maintenance dose, add 1 ounce for every 1000 gallons all at once, every 7 days for the first 2 to 5 weeks, until the desired results are achieved. This additional amount is necessary to speed up the removal of the pre-existing non-living organic load.

Maintenance Dose:

Light to medium bather load: 1 ounce for every 3000 gallons per week.

Heavy bather load: 1 ounce for every 2000 gallons per week (most common pool dosage rate).

Very heavy bather load: 1 ounce for every 1000 gallons per week.

Important: Sanitizer level should be below 5ppm before adding this product.


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