Quick Dissolve Stabilizer™ Instructions

Directions for use:

  1. With the circulation system operating: • maintain proper chemical levels in the pool • backwash the filter • by-pass or disconnect the chemical controller (if applicable)
  2. Slowly add Quick Dissolve Stabilizer directly to the skimmer, gutter or surge tank
  3. Reconnect the chemical controller
  4. Resume normal pool operation
  5. Test chemical readings for appropriate levels

Note: Apply in accordance with state and local pool regulations

Dosage Chart

Litres (gallons) of waterAddTo raise CYA level
38,000 (10,000 gal)455g (1lb)9ppm
38,000 (10,000 gal)910g (2lbs)18ppm
189,270 (50,000 gal)4.5kg (10lbs)18ppm
380,000 (100,000 gal)9kg (20lbs)18ppm
473,200 (125,000 gal)11kg (25lbs)18ppm