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Foundation is great benefit to any pool. Whether starting up new pools, topping off early season pools or simply trying to bring back tired water, this is the product to use. Foundation is a once a year application that is a fast dissolving multi borate blend formula that gives you soft water you can feel.

  • Multi borate blend
  • Fast dissolving
  • Noticeably softer feeling water
  • Reduces phosphates
  • Water becomes unbelievably clear & sparkling


Foundation works with all pool surfaces and sanitizing systems, including salt water pools.

For New Pools: Follow builder’s instructions for pool start-up.

Plaster Pools: Allow surfaces to cure according to builder instructions before adding product. (National Plaster Council recommends minimum 30 days).

Salt Pools: Follow manufacturer’s guidelines for beginning operation of chlorine generator.

Before adding product: For pool water with high metal content, add one 1L (33.9oz) bottle of Natural Chemistry's Metalfree (contains no phosphates) before adding Foundation. Always start with a clean pool and active pool filtration.

Directions for use: (Use entire contents upon opening product.)

This product is designed for use in properly balanced pool water.

  1. Adjust water chemistry to dealer recommended levels (alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness).
  2. Add 7.48kg container per 68,100 litres - 83,200 litres of pool water. With circulation pump running, slowly add entire contents of bucket to pool skimmer. If desired, Foundation can be added directly to the pool water (some short term cloudiness may occur).
  3. Brush any residual material until dissolved. Wait 20 minutes after adding product before swimming in pool.
  4. After one week of operation take a pool water sample to dealer for testing.

Note: In some pools, application of Foundation may cause temporary cloudiness.

Important Water Tests: Test pH, chlorine, and phosphate levels weekly and adjust as necessary.

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