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Pool Perfect® + Phosfree®

Weekly maintenance product that adds enzymes and removes phosphates

Regular pool maintenance is easy with Natural Chemistry’s Pool Perfect + PHOSfree. The benefits of our SMARTZyme™ technology are combined phosphate removal provides superior water quality with less work. Pool Perfect + PHOSfree is added to the skimmer and contains the only phosphate remover with a no clouding formula.

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  • Add weekly to maintain near zero phosphate levels
  • Reduces waterline rings, unpleasant odours, and eye irritation
  • SMARTZyme technology reduces the buildup of non-living organic contamination
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  • Pool Perfect®

    • Cleans pool and surfaces
    • Reduces scum lines and surface oils
    • Can be used with all filter medias and pool surfaces
    • Reduces unpleasant odours

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  • Salt Shock Oxidizer

    • Keeps water crystal clear
    • Eliminates organic contaminants
    • Reduces odour and eye irritation
    • Swim in 15 minutes

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  • Phosfree® Extra Strength

    • Specifically designed for high level phosphate removal
    • Easily maintains low levels of phosphates in even the largest volumes of water

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  • Pool First Aid™

    • Cleans up dead algae and other forms of non-living organic contamination
    • Combines a concentrated blend of SMARTZyme technology with an organic clarifier
    • Compatible with all sanitizers

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  • Phosfree®

    • Most effective way to remove phosphates
    • Works in the filter (no clouding of the pool water)
    • Reduces phosphates down to near zero
    • Reduces pool maintenance
    • No Phosphates - No Problems

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  • First Aid One Shot™

    • Unique and highly concentrated one shot application of Pool First Aid™
    • Powerful water cleaner that is great for cleaning up dead algae, pollen, gunk & grime from pool parties and much more
    • Easy to use- perfect for perimeter application
    • Provides an environmentally friendly option to typical plastic containers

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  • Coverfree®

    • An invisible liquid barrier that conserves water and heat.
    • Advanced mono-layer technology
    • Helps conserve hundreds of gallons of pool water
    • Reduces water evaporation
    • Reduces heat loss
    • Saves energy- conserves water

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  • Pool Magic™ Spring & Fall

    • SMARTZyme technology that reduces waterline rings during the off season
    • Great way to make opening and closing fast and easy
    • Specifically formulated for cooler water temperatures
    • Can be used with all filter medias and pool surfaces
    • Compatible with all sanitizers

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  • Pool Magic™ + Phosfree®

    • Provides fast, easy start-ups
    • SMARTZyme technology that is formulated for cold water application
    • Reduces waterline ring and phosphates

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"...I exclusively do the pool maintenance in our household, and I swear that one of the "if I die" things I have told my husband is this: If I die, promise me you will add 6oz of Pool Perfect+PHOSfree to the pool every Saturday for the rest of your life. It's literally all he knows to do to the pool!"B.Quinlan (Tampa, FL)
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Pool Perfect® + Phosfree® Instructions

Directions for use:

This product is designed for use in properly balanced pool water.

  1. Shake the bottle well as contents may settle.
  2. Each week, add 1 capful (120mL) per 30,000 litres of water down the skimmer with the circulation system running.
  3. Proceed with regular pool operation.

Note: Sanitizer level should be below 5ppm before adding this product.


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