Spa Alkalinity Increaser Pods

Raises total alkalinity in spa/hot tub water

Natural Chemistry’s Spa Alkalinity Increaser Pods are used to raise total alkalinity in spa water. Total alkalinity in spa water should be maintained between 80-120ppm. Results of the buffering effect of total alkalinity are pH, bather comfort, water balance, and clarity are more easily maintained.


    1. Test spa water for total alkalinity level.
    2. Compare test results to chart on the right to determine appropriate amount of pods necessary to make adjustment. One pod raises total alkalinity by 20 ppm in 200 gallons.
    3. With spa circulating pump on high speed, add required amount of pods directly into spa water. Continue circulating water a minimum of 20 minutes.
    Desired Increase in Total Alkalinity
    Spa Volume
    20 ppm40 ppm80 ppm
    2001 pod2 pods4 pods
    4002 pods4 pods8 pods

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