Where do phosphates come from?

Phosphates come from a wide variety of sources, some of the most common being:

  • Fertilizers (if you have a landscaping service, there is a good chance your pool will have issues with phosphates)
  • Many stain & scale products that are sold in the swimming pool industry are phosphonic or phosphoric acid based-while these products do a great job at protecting from stain and scale, they also increase phosphate levels significantly. It is ideal to use a stain & scale control like Metal Free or Scale Free that does not contribute to unwanted phosphate contamination
  • Dirt/Dust
  • Rain
  • Soaps (if one chooses to bathe in a pool, which we hope you do not, it will add phosphates to the water)
  • Some cleaning products (ex: many tile cleaners will add to phosphate levels)

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