Welcome to our Before and After Testimonial Page!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so instead of the typical testimonial section we are using pictures to communicate what our products can do. We encourage you to fill out the form below and send us any high quality before and after pictures of our products working in your pool or spa.

Move the slider icon on the photo to reveal the full before and after view!

The above before and after pictures are of a swimming pool vandalized with motor oil. Some kids dumped 5 gallons of used motor oil in a 40,000 gallon pool in retirement community when they were told to leave after skateboarding on the pool deck. They returned later in the night and where caught on camera dumping oil. It took 2 bottles of First Aid and 24 hours later and the pool looked like it did in the after pics. This saved the filters as well.

Check back soon to see additional before and after shots of our products in action!

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