Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to clean my filter after adding Phosfree?

Yes, you should clean your filter after adding Phosfree and letting the system run continuously for 48 hours (while keeping an eye on filter pressure to ensure it doesn’t rise about 10 psi over start-up). You should also ensure that the filter is clean prior to starting a Phosfree treatment which will allow the product to work more efficiently.

Why do I need to add Metal Free on a weekly basis or Scale Free Monthly?

While these products can assist in the stain removal process, they are also need to be used as maintenance treatments. Metals that cannot be fully removed through the filtration system (especially in sand and cartridge filters) are kept in suspension by Metal Free or Scale Free. Calcium molecules are deformed so they can’t stick together to form scale and other metals are kept in solution so they don’t settle back on a surface to cause recurrent staining.

Do I really have to clean my filter after the stain removal process?

Yes, vacuuming the pool surface thoroughly and cleaning the filter are two very important steps in the stain removal process that cannot be skipped. Cleaning the filter helps to remove some metals from the water. Others that cannot be removed are kept in suspension with maintenance products like Metal Free or Scale Free.

Can I leave Spa Purge in longer than overnight?

Yes, you can leave Spa Purge in longer than overnight. It needs a minimum of 6 hours for optimum performance so leaving it in longer is not a problem.

How many ounces are in a Natural Chemistry product cap?

For liquids, the large overcap is 4oz and the small threaded cap is ½ an ounce

Where do phosphates come from?

Phosphates come from a wide variety of sources, some of the most common being:

  • Fertilizers (if you have a landscaping service, there is a good chance your pool will have issues with phosphates)
  • Many stain & scale products that are sold in the swimming pool industry are phosphonic or phosphoric acid based-while these products do a great job at protecting from stain and scale, they also increase phosphate levels significantly. It is ideal to use a stain & scale control like Metal Free or Scale Free that does not contribute to unwanted phosphate contamination
  • Dirt/Dust
  • Rain
  • Soaps (if one chooses to bathe in a pool, which we hope you do not, it will add phosphates to the water)
  • Some cleaning products (ex: many tile cleaners will add to phosphate levels)

Are phosphates really a problem?

Yes, phosphate really cause increased maintenance when they are present in high levels in swimming pool water. It is ideal to keep phosphate levels below 125ppb to help reduce pool problems such as increased time needed to maintain crystal clear water as well as to help prevent calcium phosphate scale.

Why does the color vary in your phosphate removal products?

Our phosphate removers contain lanthanum, which is a mined rare earth mineral and can often look different in appearance. ​ The product is still efficacious regardless of its color.

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