Our History

Robert Kulperger recognized a growing demand for naturally based yet reliable products. Being a chemical engineer, he was inspired by natures ability to continually transform energy and matter quickly and efficiently. Thus Natural Chemistry was born and pool and spa formulas were launched as products.


Robert Kulperger met Mark Munford at a trade show in New York and they shared a booth. One month later Mark formed Natural Chemistry Canada. In Canada the pool and spa formula was sold in the pool industry and stain and odor removers for the pet industry. Until 1996, Robert and Mark did sales, manufacturing, trade shows with VERY limited staff.


Robert and Mark purchased the enzyme company who supplied the intellectual property and trade secret technology, and that was the engine behind Natural Chemistry. The main purpose for the purchase was to control quality and most important, to customize the broad spectrum of enzymes for their job-specific roles in each product. Natural Chemistry Canada built a manufacturing facility in Campbellford, Ontario.


Natural Chemistry licensed technology to remove phosphates from pool water.


Natural Chemistry began manufacturing in Syracuse, NY.


Robert and Mark consolidated Natural Chemistry USA and Natural Chemistry Canada into one company. Robert became CEO and Mark became President and COO. Natural Chemistry purchased the assets, intellectual property and brand names of Willow Bay and launched the DeFlea line throughout the United States.


Natural Chemistry purchased several patents for phosphate removal technology for pools and spas.


Natural Chemistry's "Pet and Home Solutions" division was born in the US.


Natural Chemistry purchased Complete Packaging Solutions in Syracuse, NY.


Robert became Chairman of the Board and Mark stepped into the CEO role. Natural Chemistry acquired Red Leopard, a manufacturer of cleaners and maintenance products.


Natural Chemistry's Pet & Home Division was sold to Muntech so Natural Chemistry could focus on the swimming pool and spa industry.

Late 2015

Natural Chemistry acquired SeaKlear, formerly a division of HaloSource Inc, to offer two strong specialty chemical brands to the market.


Natural Chemistry L.P. executed a company name change to NC Brands L.P.

NC Brands​ is the parent company to Natural Chemistry, SeaKlear, AquaPill, PRO SERIES, and Red Leopard.


NC Brands acquired Aqualus, which provides companies in the pool and spa industry with unique water-soluble pouches specifically designed to be compatible with the type of chemical filled inside the pouch.


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