Spa Phosphate Remover™

Helps Protect Equipment From The Damaging Effects Of Calcium Phosphate Scale

Spa Phosphate Remover™​ helps protect equipment from the damaging effects of calcium phosphate scale. When it comes to removing problem-causing phosphate, a proactive approach is best. Natural Chemistry's Spa Phosphate Remover™ can quickly reduce existing high levels or be used as a weekly treatment to maintain low levels.

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Available Sizes

16 fl oz

SKU: 14251NCM


Product Education


  • ​ Removes phosphates in spas and hot tubs
  • Ideal for salt systems
  • 1 fl oz treats up to 500 gallons


Initial Application

Weekly Maintenance

1. Add 1 oz of Spa Phosphate Remover weekly to 500 gallons of hot tub water to keep phosphates low.

2. For high phosphate (levels of 1,000 ppb or more, add 3 oz and test for phosphate levels the following day. Recommended phosphate levels in a hot tub are below 125 ppb.

3. Follow immediately with 2 oz of Clarify for Spas and run fi­lter for two hours.

4. Clean cartridge after treatment is complete.

Note:​ Spa Phosphate Remover may cause spa water to become white and cloudy. This is normal and is a sign that the product is working. To clear the water quickly, use 2 oz Clarify for Spas with the ­filter running.



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