High Filter Pressure

An important part to any swimming pool is the filtration system. As hard as we try, it is almost unavoidable to have dirt and debris enter the pool water. To help keep water sparkling and clean, the filter needs to be cared for and maintained on a regular basis. High filter pressure is when your pool’s start- up pressure reading (which differs for each and every pool and should ideally have been market by the pool builder) reaches 10lbs above start-up. When you see that the pressure level has risen to this point, it is important to backwash or clean the filter.

High filter pressure is usually the result of heavy non-living organic loading from contaminants such as: sunscreen, lotion, hair products and more. If the filter needs to be cleaned, Natural Chemistry’s naturally based Filter Perfect will remove the buildup on the filter without the need for harsh acids. Always keep an eye on your filter pressure gauge to ensure that it is functioning properly. A pool can never reach its maximum potential for water clarity until the filter is operating properly. To help prevent excessive non-living waste from overloading in filters, see Natural Chemistry’s line of naturally based enzyme products (Pool Perfect, Pool Perfect + Phosfree, Salt Water Magic Liquid, Spa Perfect). It is ideal to prevent problems before they begin, and for that Natural Chemistry has you covered.

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