High Phosphate Level

Phosphates in pool and spa water can cause a variety of water quality issues, including clouding. If you suspect phosphates may be the source of your water quality issue, it is always best to have your water tested. Proper treatment can only begin when the level of phosphates has been accurately determined. Phosphates enter pool and spa water from many sources, which is why many pools and spas report problems with phosphates. Things such as: body oils, cosmetics, suntan lotions, fertilizer, and even some stain and scale inhibitors can cause phosphate levels to skyrocket. Natural Chemistry has created the perfect phosphate removal products for whatever level you may encounter.

It is important that algae be treated prior to testing and removal of phosphates. Ensure that you begin any phosphate removal with a clean filter.

There are a few options of how to remove phosphates from the pool depending on the level registered. Phosfree's no cloud technology works on the filter media to remove phosphates without clouding the water. The second and third options are for high range phosphate removal. An older but still reliable technology is a flocculate called Phosfloc. Phosfloc will reduce high range phosphate levels to a more manageable range. It still may be necessary to use Phosfree following a Phosfloc treatment. Another high range phosphate removal approach is to use Phosfree Extra Strength. This product is a blend of phosphate removing technologies, making it capable of high range phosphate removal. Unlike Phosfloc, Phosfree Extra Strength can be vacuumed to filter and does not need to be vacuumed to waste.

Relevant products for treatment